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To inspire and be of service 

With decades of experience in the healthcare and education industry I came across similar life issues we all face on daily basis.

My Life turned upside down when my ex husband announced he was leaving me and the kids and I had no idea of his extra marital affairs and deceit! This led to a nightmare in legal, financial and health issues which gave me no choice but to survive with no family in my country. Mental Health Professionals told me I was fine as I was functioning well but I would have paid any amount of money to someone who could guide me through the horror that I experienced through the divorce and my transition in career to be able to support my two young children. During this time I juggled multiple careers and successfully transitioned to Career Coaching whilst practising and teaching as a health care professional.



  • NLP Certified Coach - Wild Mastery Australia (2020)

  • Jay Shetty Coaching School - Life Coaching Student  (2021)


  • BPharm (Honours)  United Kingdom (1998)

  • Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacists            ( AACPA) 

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